Want to experience RAPID transformation? Tired of being told healing will take years - or wondering if it’s not even possible for you?

I help people of all ages (and some animals too) to remove whatever barriers keep you from ultimate wholeness with powerful quantum energy medicine for BOTH your body and soul! You can:

  • overcome immune system issues & addictive behaviors
  • increase resilience
  • heal past traumas, chronic pain, illness or stress
  • stop self-sabotage and remove the barriers that undermine the wholeness you were made for

Get ready to speed up your own healing so you can fulfill your purpose with more joy and ease than you ever expected! 

Available Products

Soften Grief, Loss & the Christmas Doldrums

In this group session, you will:

🎄Experience a powerful nervous system support session to RELIEVE STRESS by releasing blocks, triggers and stressors energetically!

🎄Create more resilience and capacity to handle the Christmas "stuff".

Join us for this 90 minute group session for accelerated results to increase the space to deal with grief, loss, pressure, stress, relational expectations and more.

Value: $150-$250
Register for $27 as our gift to help you finish 2023 with more ease.

👇 Register below and receive the zoom link via email!

Identify & ELIMINATE Your Saboteurs ~ for GOOD!

Wanting your business to grow and have more impact without SO many undefined blocks?

YOU have personal stressors, belief systems, triggers and more that affect the ease in which your business grows including financially. This is where we will be identifying and eliminating your saboteurs.

  • What stresses you in your business?
  • What do you wish came easier for you?
  • Do you have belief systems that you know are holding you back but you don't know specifically what they are?
  • Are there other business people you admire that you wish you could emulate? What looks easier for them than for you?

In this 4-part series of powerful customized-to-YOU sessions, we focus on:

  • Nervous system support to RELIEVE STRESS, triggers and blocks - for good - around business tasks / financial growth and more!
  • Creating more resilience and capacity to handle the day-to-day operations as well as future planning.
  • Getting out of your own way by identifying and removing the subtle, sub-concious obstacles so you can 

GROUP Accelerator - maximum 6 participants

Value: $600 - $800
Register for $200 as our gift to help you start 2024 with more impact and profit without all the angst, interruptions, energy drain so you can serve your people with WAY more joy!

👇 Reserve your spot below and receive the zoom link via email!

Natural Bioenergetics - Foundations

Become your own personal healthcare provider and experience optimal health in all areas of life and help your loved ones!

Foundations teaches you the easily-learned skill of muscle response monitoring! It’s your own biofeedback system that brings crystal clarity to precisely how to return to your best health.

  • No more confusion about what is causing symptoms! (Even long-standing issues.)

Some of what you will learn includes:

  • Identify foods, drinks and other items that upset your system
  • Calm down a food or environmental reaction 
  • Quickly restore a sense of calm in the middle of complex stress of all kinds
  • Know and use your own built-in biofeedback system with confidence so you can pinpoint what your body is trying to tell you
  • Click "Learn More" for more details👇

Levels 1-3 - Flight School

After learning the foundation, you now learn to apply this knowledge to help others and  learn to "Fly" levels 1 – 3.

Each level will increase your skills and confidence to perform electromagnetic “first aid” for basic health issues for yourself, family and friends.

Learning step-by-step exactly how to work with each person’s unique physical body’s priorities for healing on all levels. You will learn how to help yourself and others remove sensitivities to food/substances, symptoms from stress, emotionally-triggered symptoms, remove blocks to healing from trauma and more!

Topics Covered in Each Flight School Level - Hit "Learn More" below. 👇

💥 BONUSES 💥 for ALL Flight School Levels 1-3 see details in "Learn More"

Classes starting in January!

Levels 4-6 - TOP GUN - Advanced

Continue your Natural Bioenergetics (NB) training to become a professional practitioner. This is the Advanced TOP GUN levels 4-6.

If you're wanting to begin a professional career in NB or add these skills to an already successful practice as a therapist, naturopath, speech pathologist etc., these skills will accelerate your clients' results exponentially.

We hear from all kinds of professionals who utilize NB in their practice stating how much faster their clients improve. NB is truly like rocket fuel to any other modality that can increase your value and change more lives without you working harder!

Examples of professions where NB could add rocket fuel, hit "Learn More" below.👇

💥 BONUSES 💥 for ALL TOP GUN Levels 4-6 are the same as Flight School with your own separate Signal Chat & mentoring sessions to support your advanced learning.

Classes starting in February!

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