Natural Bioenergetics - Foundations

We run Foundations Classes periodically as people reach out to register and this is what to expect:

4 Saturday mornings: next class dates to be confirmed this summer (4 consecutive weeks)

Class Time: 9am-12noon Pacific Time (4 hours per class, although sometimes we break a bit early if we're finished)

How the Foundation Classes are delivered:

  • 4 x 3 hour sessions = 12 hours total
  • Join us LIVE via Zoom with interactive learning, practice and feedback.
  • You will receive a custom login to access your class manual that you will need to print before class. This will provide all you need to access for pre-reading and class instruction etc.
  • Homework during the course includes pre-reading certain topics, watching short background videos that give context to what you will learn. The homework is easily completed in 1-2 hours per week for Foundations level.

A bit more about Natural Bioenergetics..

It all starts with the knowledge that health is not merely physical, it is composed of and includes emotions, environment, relationships, psychology, and how you think, each area of your life affects every other area of your life!

You will be learning more about these:

  • Identify foods, drinks and other items that upset your system before you use them so you can avoid unnecessary and uncomfortable reactions!
  • Calm down a food or environmental reaction until your body gets rid of the offending substance
  • Quickly restore a sense of calm in the middle of complex stress of all kinds
  • Identify and eliminate subconscious limiting beliefs and negative self talk that has plagued you all your life, in minutes
  • Discover where the glitches are in your own matrix and restoring balance to the right circuits
  • Know and use your own built-in biofeedback system with confidence so you know what your body is trying to tell you
  • Discover the powerful scientific research theory that takes these skills from the realm of “woo woo” into the realm of verifiable methods and proven results.

The beauty of the Natural Bioenergetics (NB) conceptual framework that you will be learning, is that it helps you evaluate complex personal issues and find the simplest and most efficient program for long-term health

Many people who have used NB methods are surprised at how quickly long-standing issues resolve once they address the source of the problem.

Inside the courses, you will be learning to muscle test accurately which empowers people to confidently look after themselves with amazing results. PLUS, it saves you money by minimizing the need for other professionals.

See you on the inside!

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