Levels 1-3 - Flight School

Detailed class content for NB 1, 2 & 3 content is below. Scroll down.👇

HOW the Flight School Classes are delivered - each level is set up the same:

  • LIVE classes via Zoom with interactive learning, practice and feedback.
  • 4 x 6-hour training sessions = 24 hours total (on consecutive Saturdays)
  • 6 hours of practicum time (minimum) with "practice clients" between classes.
  • You will receive a custom login to access your class manual that you will need to print. This will provide all you need to access for pre-reading and class instruction etc.
  • Homework during the course includes pre-reading certain topics, watching short background videos that give context to what you will learn. 
  • BONUS - $300 savings PLUS EXTRA BENEFITS ($1450 value) if you buy Flight School as a package (Levels 1-3)! See registration form for details

💥 BONUSES 💥 for ALL Flight School Levels 1-3

  • Join Cheryl's Insider NB Community - just for you in the Flight School Levels. Access our private Signal Chat to connect with other students, arrange practice sessions, ask questions and more.
  • Once-a-month group mentoring sessions. Bring your experiences as you practice your NB skills, receive feedback and answers to your questions. Receive impromptu bonus teaching that you won't receive anywhere else.
  • Receive support for YOUR success from Cheryl! You will be part of a growing group of specialists and instructors gaining confidence & mastery of our own health care and helping others with the same.
  • Certification with the Natural Bioenergetics Institute.
  • Huge discount of 25% off your own NB sessions with Cheryl. Expect to be uncovering areas of your own life that require healing so you can be the best version of yourself. 

Topics in NB1 (Natural Bioenergetics Level 1)

  • Learn to balance and use muscle response monitoring on another person
  • Three specific muscles to isolate and test and why this is important
  • Work with each person’s unique physical body’s priorities for healing on all levels
  • Use the body’s bioenergy control system to help clear long-standing inherited issues that were passed down to you from your parents and grand-parents.
  • Access four psychological corrections that free people from thought patterns that plague them or hold them in unhealthy cycles..
  • Learn tapping procedures that correct and clear 80% of allergic reactions to foods, animals, etc. and increase tolerance to what formerly afflicted you
  • Discover toning factors for your bioenergy system that refresh your energy and increase sharpness of mind
  • Learn exactly what your own or another person’s ideal work, play, sleep and rest requirements to maximize performance and  life balance.
  • Use proprietary tools that provide a slow, steady, gentle correction to your body over time.
  • Dive into the scientific theory that undergirds this work
  • Proper notation for record-keeping
  • How to develop and ask the right kinds of questions to discover root issues to clear.

Topics in NB2

  • The Ko Cycle – an important part of the energy system that is not usually addressed in other energy healing systems
  • Three new muscles to isolate and test 
  • Confidently organize and work with a “client-specified issue” that might be outside the physical realm like relationship problems, thought patterns, work stress, etc.
  • Clear cell receptors to restore health and balance. Remove blocks to allow nutritionals like: minerals, vitamins, water, lipids, and metabolic products to pass through and nourish cells plus release toxins to be offloaded safely.  
  • Correct electromagnetic fields using physical magnets that releases contributors to many body system issues including metabolism, intellectual function, pain, chemical sensitivities, disturbed rest, confusion between left and right, releasing toxic overload and more. 
  • Correct stuck energy / restore normal energy flow in tissues that can contribute to nutrients being unable to feed the tissues, inhibiting release of toxins, resulting in ongoing inflammation and pain.
  • Identify and correct complex issues that contribute to allergic reactions or destructive natural body responses. 
  • Use of specialized tools like Life Transformers and Essential Oils to support the electromagnetic system of the body after it has been corrected.
  • Learn specific adjunctives that help a client support their own healing at home.
  • Introduction to non-toxic homeopathic cell salts for use in healing.

Topics in NB3

  • Next level theory around asking the body questions - strategic use of open-ended questions
  • Analyzing and correcting a full range of issues related to thinking so that people can perform thinking tasks more smoothly and with less energy and effort
  • A new form of analysis that zeros in both specifically for the overall systems of your client
  • Using word lists to gather information 
  • Learning more toning movements that support healing through electromagnetic function
  • More corrections that remove or reduce pain, restore energy through dense internal and external scars, remove phantom limb sensations
  • More psychological structures to correct issues that keep you or your clients stuck
  • Introduction to the energy organs in the body’s system and their function in distribution of energy
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