Identify & ELIMINATE Your Saboteurs ~ for GOOD!

Here's how this Business Accelerator will work to help you increase the space in your system to deal with everything on your plate as a career / business woman:

In this 4-part series of powerful customized-to-YOU sessions, we focus on:

  • Nervous system support to RELIEVE STRESS, triggers and blocks - for good - around business tasks / financial growth and more!
  • Creating more resilience and capacity to handle the day-to-day operations as well as future planning.
  • Getting out of your own way by identifying and removing the subtle, subconcious obstacles so you can 

GROUP Accelerator - maximum 12 participants

Value: $600 - $800
Register for $200 as our gift to help you accelerate your impact and profit without all the angst, interruptions, energy drain so you can serve your people with WAY more joy!

My intention is that this will be a powerful support to remove the sabotaging behaviours and instinctual beliefs so you will have more bandwidth, capacity, ease and maybe even more joy in your work / business!

💥 SURPRISING EXPONENTIAL RESULTS OF GROUP WORK: Meeting as a GROUP is a massive accelerator for you to release blocks FASTER! I've been discovering and documenting how powerful group sessions are to leverage more effective stress relief in a shorter time! You actually get MORE results than booking private sessions with me (in most cases!). Totally surprised me and now you get to benefit even more and it costs less too! 

So, you're in for a treat where you can bring your top stressors and add them to the pile along with that of others and receive multiplied benefits! 

Value: $600- $800 if you booked sessions with me privately, but for this group session it's only $200 (and you receive even MORE value with the group dynamic!)

Limited space (ONLY 12 participants) for optimal results, so reserve your spot if you feel drawn to this work.

Got questions? Send me an email: 

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