How to Live Amidst Grief & Loss ~ Weekly STRESS Clearing (Ongoing)

We Meet Wednesday Evenings!   💥 This is one of those rare weekly meet ups that women have been clearing their calendars to attend. (True story!)

TIME: 6pm PT / 7pm MT / 8pm CT / 9pm ET

👉 My goal is for you to quickly develop greater capacity to function - even thrive - amidst living in the reality of grief and loss. You don't have to stuff it down for years to try to function!

How it works and what is included: 

  • Join us in the signal group to share support and connection throughout the week.
  • Weekly zoom session provides connection time and customized-to-the-group clearing session led by Cheryl so you can experience STRESS RELIEF so you can function more efffectively in all aspects of life.


Value: $600-$900 (private sessions with Cheryl = $150-$225 x FOUR sessions per month)

  • NEW DISCOVERY: Each session is MORE valuable and impactful than a private session with Cheryl ! This EXTRA VALUE is due to the multiplying effect of receiving benefit from the specific stressors being cleared from everyone in the group! This came to light this fall with our group where everyone experienced BIG shifts more quickly than expected. 

Price: Monthly subscription. Suggested $100 per month (cancel whenever you like).  NOTE: Struggling immensely with finances? Please use the $29 option.

Want to make your monthly subscription for an amount not included? Please email Cheryl for help: 

Expect Customized Topics including:

  • Practical ways to clear your thinking when you're overwhelmed and your brain seems to be offline
  • Brain "resets" for organizational challenges like difficulty getting the essential things done each day. People experience that it gets easier without trying so hard
  • Honest ways to function better every day and release the additional suffering that can weigh us down when there's extra emotions like blame, guilt, anger and etc.
  • Clear the punishing beliefs and circular patterns that beat you up 

See you at our next session!

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