Levels 4-6 - TOP GUN - Advanced

Examples of professions where NB could add rocket fuel - scroll down.👇

HOW the TOP GUN - Advanced Classes are delivered - each level is set up the same:

  • LIVE classes via Zoom with interactive learning, practice and feedback.
  • 4 x 6-hour training sessions = 24 hours total (on consecutive Saturdays)
  • 6 hours of practicum time (minimum) with "practice clients" between classes.
  • You will receive a custom login to access your class manual that you will need to print. This will provide all you need to access for pre-reading and class instruction etc.
  • Homework during the course includes pre-reading certain topics, watching short background videos that give context to what you will learn. 
  • BONUS - $300 savings PLUS EXTRA BENEFITS ($1450 value) if you buy TOP GUN as a package (Levels 4-6)! See registration form for details.

Examples of professions where NB could add rocket fuel

  • Life coaches, therapists & counsellors can energetically pin-pointing the key issues.  NB allows you to access and neutralize the subconscious drivers accumulated through life experiences. Clients report rapid progress in their recovery from significant trauma with the addition of NB techniques that correct the “memory islands” that are stuck in somatic responses in cells and tissues. Those who use these techniques will increase the speed & results of client transformation and put themselves in a class by themselves.
  • Occupational therapists, teachers, learning/educational assistants, and behavioural therapists who work with children and adults with learning disabilities. You will learn to accurately identify and neutralize unconscious stresses in the electromagnetic system of the body. This can remove blocks to learning, reduce stress, and improve the emotional outcome for your clients and their families and provide YOU with greater job satisfaction as you see your clients prosper.
  • Herbalists, homeopaths, naturopaths and other modalities of alternative healthcare. You can narrow your diagnosis very quickly to the root causes of conditions, AND muscle test the body against your available remedies to discover the EXACT match for each client on THAT day! This removes all wasted time trying one remedy or another, and instead increases accuracy and speed of healing.
  • Physical trainers and health coaches. You learn not only to identify muscles that are switched off, you also learn how to turn them back on to create proper muscle firing and response in physical training. You can dial-in to the single most important key issue for each client, then create a cascade of next issues for their health plan.  Confidently determine individual needs within the scope of your professional training and muscle test a client's best products for their path forward. 
  • Parents and caregivers may not be paid professionals but you're "on-deck" 24-7 for your family. This level of training will give you confidence to handle health issues so that “crisis” medical care is kept to a minimum.

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