8-Week Intensive Reconstruct Your Life Bootcamp

💥What's Included?   

First, we will have a conversation to map out what you've got going on in the various arena's of your life and I will create a customized package to help you deal with the most important "glitches" in your life so you can experience higher performance without trying so hard.

Then, over the Intensive, we will together:  

  •  Tease out your your Customized Life-Balance Checklist for what your body needs right now for optimal performance. Including how much sleep you need THIS week? what is the ideal work setup for you? How many hours/day, what location, which of the jobs you do are best for your system right now... and more. What can you add related to "play" that will rejuevenate and bring joy that you have been overlooking? Your own personal checklist for THIS specific 2 month period is included for the areas of:
    • Work, Rest, Play & Sleep
  • Learn how to quickly lower your own internal stress in any situation with powerful emotional regulation tools. Become a constant "calming presence" for those around you by reducing your own internal stress in-the-moment an as needed
  • Reduce the impact of the soup of Electromagentic Fields (EMFs) on your body. Receive Cheryl's favourite tools to minimize this all the time in your home/work space
  • "Reset" your physical & emotional system where you have been affected by wounds from the past that still dampen your day-to-day results
  • Disable old triggers that have been steering you forever. Those subconcious ways of being that have a negative impact on your home life / business-work / career etc.
  • Increase emotional/social intelligence to automatically improve your track record without trying harder
  • Address your specific hot buttons so you are not in reactive mode, but present as you desire
  • Remove authority-embedded belief systems that don't work for you so you can do life in your sweet spot (without the guilt)
  • Tackle physical issues that have been upsetting your nervous system so you can experience increased energy, focus and effectiveness
  • Begin to live naturally where YOU set the tone around you, rather than reacting to the dysfunction and negative attitudes of what other people are "wearing"
  • Become "comfy" in your own skin AND your own calling while also removing the fog & fear that hold you back

How it works....

  • 90-minute initial collaborative session with Cheryl on zoom
  • 8 (or whatever your customized package dictates) private accelerator customized clearing sessions with Cheryl on zoom
  • Measurables are indexed:
    • How are your systems performing when starting out? Cheryl will check your Physical, Emotional, Relational, Business Health (out of 100) for your baseline
    • How much change can be measured in your systems AFTER the 8 Weeks? Cheryl will measure the changes in each area at your last session.
  • Enhanced access to Cheryl every week day. 💥 (Monday-Friday) Get support or ask questions. 
  • Weekly sessions result in powerful STRESS RELIEF at the cellular level that are cumulative that will begin to make sleeping, planning, executing SO much easier! Your brain will start to process faster, more clearly, your digestion will improve, your body will receive oxygen more efficiently, emotional "memory islands" will be cleared so you are not being driven by hidden reactions any more!
  • Referrals to Cheryl's experts and resources, plus shared tools for accelerated transformation.


Value: $9,500 
Customized pricing starting at $2,500 - depending on the package

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